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Do you doubt the quality of the air you breathe in your home? Do you or a member of your family believe you are suffering from a health problem whose origin appears to you to be very doubtful? The very first thing to do is to determine the cause or causes so that you can solve the problem.

The health consequences
Through our subsidiary ofQuebec Expert Group - Investigation, we can help you. 
Molds emit spores containing allergenic and irritating substances. It is when confined inside an enclosed space, such as a house, that these substances concentrate and become harmful to health.
People who suffer from asthma, allergies or lung disease can be greatly affected by poor indoor air quality in addition to affecting child development.
Headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, cold or
flu, asthma, ear infection, pneumonia, respiratory tract irritation, aspergillosis and various skin problems can be related in one way or another to the air quality that circulates in your residence.
This is why we must pay particular attention to the quality of the air in our residences, by carrying out analyzes which will make it possible to identify these irritants and thus provide the recommended solutions so that the air in your home is healthy. and safe for you and your family.
All the samples taken are analyzed in our collaborating laboratories and are approved by specialized microbiologists.
What are molds?
Molds are microscopic fungi that thrive on moisture and organic matter. They can take on a variety of colors, often with the appearance of a stain or mark.
Although essential in nature, molds are rather harmful when they are confined inside a residence. This is when they become harmful to the health of the inhabitants. Molds emit spores containing allergenic and irritating substances.

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