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Molds are fungi invisible to the naked eye found in nature. They are carried into homes by air currents, humans and pets. To grow, mold needs water and nutrient material, such as gypsum board or cardboard. When they grow significantly, mold can cause serious health problems. 

Do you or a member of your family believe you are suffering from a health problem whose origin appears to you to be very doubtful? Through our subsidiary ofQuebec Expert Group - Investigation, We can help you. The very first thing to do is to determine the cause or causes so that you can solve the problem.   Mold thrives in damp environments. It is important to specify that mold cannot be washed, neither with bleach nor with a cleaning product. Mold needs to be removed or it will come back. In addition, before any decontamination, the source of the problem must be found and corrected.

The evaluation of the microbiological contamination makes it possible to establish whether a growth of mold or bacteria is present, knowing that the latter can have effects on the health of the occupants.

In light of these results and an inspection of the premises, our experts will be able to submit an action plan and tell you about the options available to you. Our building inspection instrumentation and techniques do not require invasive or destructive inspection. We will proceed, with your agreement, to an invasive inspection if we deem it necessary.

Discover what is hiding in your home thanks to an investigation that will be carried out by experts in connection with mold, air quality, the presence in the soil of ferrous ochre, asbestos and vermiculite. Our building experts can take the sample for you, take care of the shipment to the laboratory and will contact you to explain the results.

Each investigation is carried out with the greatest rigor and the greatest professionalism by one of our experts specialized. Our experts are duly trained on several hundred buildings in order to have the necessary expertise to identify the causes of contamination and interpret the results obtained in order to then arrive at appropriate recommendations.

OUR SERVICES › Evaluation of the presence of materials contaminated by mould:

* Water infiltration history – Thermographic, water and visual inspection of the building;

* Intrusive inspection;

* Collection of various types of samples and analysis of mold and asbestos in the laboratory;

* Air quality test;

* Report including recommendations;

* Technical-legal expertise for recourse in hidden defects;

* We specialize in building inspection & expertise.

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