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Pre-purchase inspection

A pre-purchase inspection by Logica, building inspection, will give you the peace of mind you need. Our inspection will give you the correct information on the current state of the building, while taking care of explaining each of the deficiencies observed. During our inspection, we will use tools such as a humidity detector,  a current detector and a polarity detector, etc. Finally, our inspectors are always in close collaboration with professionals from each quarter of the construction trade, as well as engineers and architects. The goal is to be able to respond adequately to all of our customers questions.


Commercial inspection

A commercial inspection must be done, that's why you can trust us! The purchase of a boutique, store or warehouse, regardless of the size of the building, requires a professional commercial inspection to minimize the risk of your profits being engulfed in unforeseen repairs following the transaction.


Presale inspection

Whether it is to know the current state of your building, or in anticipation of future renovations before the sale, we offer you the pre-sale inspection. This inspection is carried out in the same way as the pre-purchase inspection, that is to say that we will make a visual inspection of all the components of the building that are accessible.

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